Public bicycle racks

Ghent has more than 13.000 public bicycle racks in its streets and this number increases annually. Nevertheless, in many residential areas, many cyclists still have a strong need for (additional) bicycle parking. That's why the City of Ghent started developing a bicycle parking plan. The needs of each neighborhood are mapped out, complemented by citizens' suggestions and objective figures, such as population density.

If you find that there is a need for (additional) bicycle parking facilities in your street or neighborhood, you can inform us through the suggestion form. Is a bicycle rack in your neighbourhood in urgent need of repairs or has it been wrongly relocated? Please let us know through the form "reporting a problem with a bicycle rack".

The location of many bicycle racks can also be found on the bicycle route planner.

Placement and maintenance of bicycle racks

A team of De Fietsambassade Gent places and maintains public bicycle parking facilities. The maintenance is done zone by zone. It ranges from fixing bicycle racks that came loose to the removal of waste and weeds. Owner-less, cumbersome or dangerous bicycles and bicycle wrecks are also removed, by pre-labeling them and checking if the owner turns up. If he or she doesn't, they are brought to our Bicycle Depot.

Would you like to request a bicycle cleanup? Please let us know through the form "reporting an owner-less bicycle".