Breakdown assistance

Employees without bicycle worries

Choose with your company or organisation for our breakdown assistance and offer your employees bicycle repair at pre-arranged locations.

The employees from Ugent, Stad Gent and the companies at Technology Campus Zwijnaarde are allready happy users. 

How does it work?

The employee reports the bicycle breakdown online, a bicycle technician passes by during working hours and repairs the bicycle.

Report your breakdown before 9h in the morning and a bicycle technician will pass by the same day. If you report later than 9h, the bicycle technician will pass by the next working day.

When the bicycle technician arrives, he contacts the owner of the bicycle by phone. The bicycle is placed at a pre-arranged location. Costs are (depending on the contractual agreements) shared between employer and employee.

Are you interested? Feel free to contact us. We love to pass by to explain everything.