The bike ambassador

Cycling is not easy for everyone. However, a bicycle can make a big difference to find a job, heathcare or to enjoy leisure activities. That's why at the beginning of 2021 the bike ambassador started at De Fietsambassade.

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What does the bike ambassador do?

The bike ambassador introduces people with limited mobility options to the bicycle. How?

  • The bike ambassador talks to people experiencing transport poverty and is ready to provide advice and help. Whenever possible, she translates frequently asked questions into policy.
  • The bike ambassador maps out what prevents people from cycling and then tries to remove those barriers step by step. Consider, for example, the cycling lessons for adults who have never learned to ride a bicycle before.
  • The bike ambassador works with, among others, OCMW, sports services, local district health centers, the Ghent job team and organizations from civil society. In this way she keeps her finger on the pulse and looks for solutions together with others.

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Cycling lessons for adults


In Ghent people cycle a lot and often. And rightly so: cycling is cheap, healthy, environmentally friendly and often the fastest way to get around in the city. Yet there are still a lot of adult residents of Ghent who cannot or do not dare to cycle. They never learned it as a child, are afraid to get into busy city traffic or have not cycled for a long time.

For those people there are lessons tailored to the novice cyclist or those who already have a little experience. You learn to cycle step by step. First by bicycle, later in a group on the public road.

Click here for more information about the cycling lessons (page only available in Dutch).

"I wanted to learn how to ride a bike because my kids love to do it too. I think cycling can also give me a lot of freedom to move around in the city. I really enjoy the lessons because I get good explanations and help." – Mayyada, participant of cycling lessons

What can the bike ambassador do for you?

Discover more information about what the bike ambassador and other organizations can do for you.