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Bicycle services in Ghent are bundled

On 1 July 2017, the City of Ghent will start with 'De Fietsambassade Gent'. The city council wants to bundle bicycle-based partnerships such as vzw studentENmobiliteit (SEM) and vzw Max Mobiel in one recognizable bicycle service organization. And that’s not the end of it: the new EVA (External Independent Agency) has the ambition to act as a contact point for all questions and information concerning bicycle use in Ghent.

This organization also wants to encourage new qualitative initiatives that stimulate the use of the bicycle in Ghent. 'De Fietsambassade Gent' wants to do that in an inclusive manner, paying attention to the social economy.

The City of Gent’s ambitious bicycle plans

The City of Ghent is a pioneer in Flanders in the field of bicycle policy and has the ambition to continue growing into a leading cycling city. When drafting the Mobility Plan, the City set itself the ambition to develop an integral cycle policy with recognizable bicycle services for anyone who cycles in Ghent. The creation of 'The Bicycle Compass Gent' wants to contribute to this.

Cycling in Ghent has grown historically

In 1993, the Bicycle Policy Plan laid the foundations for cycling routes tailored to a metropolitan spatial structure. Since then, the City has invested heavily in both bicycle infrastructure, various flanking measures, such as communication campaigns and bicycle parking policies, as well as bicycle-oriented partnerships such as StudentENmobiliteit (SEM) and Max Mobiel.

With the Mobility Plan, the City continues the work towards an integrated cycle policy, recognizable bicycle services for anyone who cycles in Ghent and bicycle parking initiatives, all the while paying attention for people with mobility poverty.

In this context, the City is aiming for an integrated cooperation between its own services, the SEM and the vzw Max Mobiel. These are two organically grown initiatives that perform in Ghent each for specific target groups cycling activities. The City hereby preserves the employment of all concerned employees in the regular and social economy.