Extending your contract as a staff member

At the end of the contract, you simply return the bicycle to the central rental depot where it will be checked for defects. If the bicycle is fine, you will be refunded in full (either in cash or in your bank account). However, if repairs are needed, or if the bicycle has to be cleaned, the fee for this will be deducted from your deposit.

Alternatively, a friend or family member can return the bicycle to our premises on your behalf. Make sure you return the bicycle before the end of your rental contract, a fine will be imposed if you are too late.

You can also decide to extend the rental contract. This can only be done after the bicycle got a thorough maintenance review and if needed repairs, in our central rental location. If the bicycle is declared to be in good order by our authorized instructor, this will be entered into our rental system, which will enable the option of extending your contract.

To extend your rental contract, make a visit to Kattenberg 2. If you can’t make it yourself, it is possible for a family member (related in first or second degree) to act on your behalf. You can request the necessary documents for this by mail, where you also clearly have to indicate why it isn’t possible to pass by yourself. .