Borrow a wheelchair or buggy at the centre of town

Fietspunt Gent Centrum isn't just a bicycle rental and -repair workshop. Because of its unique location, De Fietsambassade provides free wheelchairs and buggies here for walks in town.

Borrow a wheelchair in Fietspunt Gent Centrum

Enjoy our city, even if you have difficulty walking. Fill in a simple form and a visit to the city centre is feasable for anyone.

During the opening hours of our Bicycle Point, anyone can borrow a wheelchair there for free. You have to fill in the required form at least two days in advance. The wheelchairs will then be available at Bicycle Point Gent Centrum  after handing over a copy of your identity card and can be borrowed for a maximum of 1 day.

If necessary, the wheelchairs can be brought to the parking garages Sint-Michiels or Vrijdagsmarkt. Make sure to indicate this in your reservation form. After use, they'll be picked up at the same location by an employee of our Bicycle Point.

If you return the wheelchair late, you will be charged a fee of 50 Euro.

If a wheelchair would get damaged, the cost of the repairs will be charged tot the user. At theft or loss, a a fee of 750 Euro will be charged.

Borrow a buggy in Fietspunt Gent Centrum

At the buggy point beneath City Hall you can borrow a buggy for city walks for free. That way it’s easy to come to the city with small children by bicycle or public transport.
The buggies are compact, maneuverable and specially made for shopping or sightseeing in a city. They have a large carrying basket and children sit at eye level with the adults.

Borrow at the bicycle point

You can borrow the buggy during the opening hours of the bicycle point , on weekdays from 8am to 6pm and during weekends and public holidays from 10am to 6pm. The lending point is located on the 'green', the green zone in front of (an partly below) city hall, next to the Belfort Stadscafé.
You can book a buggy in advance. You can of course also drop by at the bicycle point if there are still buggies available.
The buggies are free. Only an identity card will be required as a guarantee.