Wilier electric bicycle

Motor Shimano Steps + Shimano XT 10S elektrische ondersteuning
Battery Accupack capaciteit 418 Wh, accupack verwijderbaar
Display Display Shimano E6000 afneembaar (3 standen + loop stand + lichtschakelaar)
Derailleur Derailleur Shimano RD T610 10S
Rim Aluminum, stainless steel spokes
Remmen front and rear Brake discs tektro
Fork Aluminum
Frame Hydroformed aluminium
Lock Axa ring lock with matching chain and key card
Garantie 2 years

Rental terms and conditions

Rental purchase formula

- 1st year: you pay 1200 euro guarantee and 330 euro rent

- 2nd year: you pay 330 euros rent

- 3rd year: you pay 330 euros rent

Total 2190 euros instead of the retail price being 2699 euros

Prices include VAT.

Including :

A technical check after 1 month as well as annual one maintenance (herewith the
Chain lubricated, the brakes are checked and adjusted, the gear unit becomes
Checked and adjusted, repairs / replacement of parts is charged)

After the 3rd year:
Is the bike your property: the guarantee is being held at that moment.
You can also decide to hand in the bike early.
However, rent will not be refunded
As well as part of the guarantee is retained in terminating the rent purchase formula,

Return bicycle back after 1st year: 800 euro guarantee back instead of 1200 euros
Return bike after 2nd year: 600 euro guarantee back instead of 1200 euros
Return bike after 3rd year: 250 euro guarantee back instead of 1200 euros
In addition, you can come to the bicycle repair shop for repairs (repair will be done immediately or within 48 hours. You can get a replacement bike (city bike) free of charge - for up to 48 hours).

An anti-theft insurance at the Association The Ghent Bike Ambassade is not possible.
In the case of theft you will lose the guarantee and will be charged a lump sum of 750 euros.

Offer valid as long as bicycles are in stock