Bicycle pick up-service


If you’re renting a bicycle and encounter a problem with it that really makes it impossible for you to bring it to the bicycle repair workshop, you can call on our mobile roadside assistance service. Your bicycle will be picked up on site.

What happens to your bicycle?

  • We will notify you when your bicycle is collected. If you haven’t heard from us within 48 hours, contact us at 09 266 77 00 or via .
  • We’ll transport the bicycle to our central renting location. There you can have your bicycle repaired, or you can repair it yourself.

Digital request for pick-up

  • Collection cost is 10 Euro.
  • Give a clear description of why you’re having your bicycle picked up. For example: the key broke in the lock, the lock was forced,…
  • Also indicate clearly where your bicycle is located. If your bicycle is in a busy public space (for instance at Sint-Pietersstation), it is recommended to add a picture or a basic roadmap for us to easily retrieve your bicycle.

Pick up my bicycle