Mobile pick-up service for staff

Staff members of the University of Ghent can make use of our mobile breakdown service. You can ask for an intervention online or by SMS.

Online applications

You can apply online by filling in the contact form.

- It's important to fill in the contact form completely (definitely mention a telephone/ cell phone number).

- Also give a clear description of the problem, for instance: flat tyre on the rear wheel, bicycle with 6 gears, wheel size 28''.

Apply by text

  • Send a text message to 0471 70 71 70.
  • Make sure to mention your name, your workplace and the nature of the problem (eg. flat tire, ...).
  • If you do this before 9am, our breakdown service will pass by the same day.

Keep in mind:

  • The bicycle problem is to be reported before 9am.
  • Right before our technician leaves for his shift (around 9am), he'll call all staff members that asked for an emergency repair. If you're not accesable by phone at that time, the technician will NOT pass by your office. You'll have to make a new request for the next day.
  • It can also happen that too many repairs are requested and we're forced to move your appointment to the next day.
  • Staff members that are frequently unaccesable by phone will be asked to come to the bicycle workshop and carry out the repair there.
  • Only small repairs will be performed, necessary for you to continue your journey. This concerns repairing a brake, a tire, your light,... For bigger repairs we like to refer you to a bicycle repair shop.


Request your repairs here.