Repairs for individuals

A bicycle in good condition allows you to cycle around without any problems.
For that reason we've organized bicycle repair points at Gent-Sint-Pieters station, Gent Dampoort station and in the city centre.


Price / quality

At De Fietsambassade Gent you'll find the strong price-quality ratio you're looking for for your bicycle repair. When bringing in your bicycle, indicate which repairs you think are necessary or describe your problem as thoroughly as possible. Our staff will then take a detailed look at which adjustments they should make to return your bicycle to perfect condition.

Reserving isn't necessary

Reserving for maintenance or repairs isn't necessary. You can just bring in your bicycle.
Once your bicycle has been repaired, you'll receive a text message to confirm this.

Replacement bicycle

If you wish, you can get a replacement bicycle for 5 Euro (with a 30 Euro guarantee) for the entire duration of the repair. This assures you're never stuck without a bicycle.


Do it yourself

Are you handy yourself? Then you can also repair your bicycle.

Bicycle Repair Point Gent-Sint-Pieters holds a workspace available where you can repair your bicycle with professional material.

The price to use these facilities is 1 Euro for 15 minutes, 3 Euro for an hour.