Bicycle registration

Bicycle registration: fast, free and only advantages!

Unfortunately, one can’t discount the possibility of bicycle theft, but a registered bicycle will be returned to its owner much faster.

How do we register bicycles?

There are two ways:

  • By engraving your national registration number on the bicycle frame.
  • By sticking a hard-to-remove sticker with your national registration number on the bicycle frame. This prevents damage in case you have a special frame.

Registration is free and only takes a few minutes, after which you will receive a bicycle card.

Thanks to the use of the National Registration Number, we can clearly identify the bicycle as your property. In addition, it frightens off thieves. It’s harder for bicycle thieves to sell a registered bicycle.

How does it work?

A retrieved bicycle will be sent to the Bicycle Depot. Thanks to the engraved National Registration Number, the Bicycle Depot can let you know when your bicycle has been found. The depot will always contact the owners of registered bicycles in the event of the clearance of a bicycle parking.

Where can you register your bicycle?

You can register your bicycle free of charge at the Bicycle depot, at the bicycle points Emile Braunplein and Gent-Dampoort and at the repair point at the train station Gent Sint-Pieters. Both citizens of Ghent and others can use this service. Registration only takes a few minutes. The bicycle point Ghent-Sint-Pieters is also open on Saturdays during the summer period. The bicycle point under the city hall (Braunplein) is open on Saturdays and Sundays from Easter Holidays until Autumn Holidays.

What to take with you?

Take an official document with you that states your National Registration Number, preferably your ID card.
If you purchased a second-hand bicycle that is already registered, please provide proof of purchase or transfer.

Bicycle registration in your area?

Occasionally bicycles are registered on location, maybe even in your area. This can happen on the initiative of De Fietsambassade Gent or at the request of a school, a company or another organization.
Bicycle registration also happens at certain events of the city of Ghent, like the car free sunday, the used bicycle markets or during the Ghent Festivities.

Organizing a bicycle registration event yourself

Do you wish to apply for a bicycle registration event for your school, company or association? Contact us.