Owner-less bikes & bicycle wrecks

De Fietsambassade Gent regularly removes owner-less bicycles and bicycle wrecks from the streets. We respond to reports from citizens, from the community guards,... and structurally check all public bicycle parking facilities.

  • Bicycle wrecks and bicycles without a lock are immediatly picked up and brought to the Bicycle Depot.
  • Bicycles suspected of having been abandoned, are labeled. After a period of 2 weeks, bicycles that still have an intact label are also brought to the Bicycle Depot.
  • Did you notice an owner-less bicycle or a bicycle wreck in the streets? Notify us through this form.

Labeling: how is it done?

Bicycles that are parked in public bicycle racks, are only labelled by us if they look neglected, or if there is an indication that they have been unattended for long periods of time. Some time later, we check if the label has been removed from the bike (which means it's probably in use) or is still attached to it (which means it might be abandoned).

Depending on the location, we use a different labeling system.

In most cases the label is attached to the handlebar. This can be a green, blue, white or red label, depending on the situation. In most cases the user will get several weeks time to notice the label and remove it. Only in case of the red label the bicycle is removed very quickly (immediately, or within two days), because it's dangerously parked.

At the bicycle parking stations of Gent Sint-Pieters or Gent Dampoort, a different type of label is used. A strap is attached to the rear wheel. A blue label around the rear wheel is one from APCOA, the company that's responsible for the labeling at Sint-Pietersstation. White labels are attached by De Fietsambassade.

At the stations, three times a year, all bicycles are labeled. Three weeks later, all bicycles with an intact strap are removed.