Temporary bicycle racks

During events big and small De Fietsambassade Gent can place temporary bicycle racks. These are more compact than the fixed racks and are therefore easy to move.

Request a temporary rack

Are you organizing a sports event, music festival or school party? Then you can apply for temporary bicycle racks. This can be an interesting option when organizing activities where you expect a lot of cyclists.

  • You can apply for this at the Bicycle Depot of De Fietsambassade Gent.
  • Make the application at least two months in advance. 
  • We do not provide bicycle racks for longer periods, with the exception of racks in the festival area of the Ghent Festivities. We will examine your request and contact you to make further arrangements regarding the delivery and retrieval of the temporary bicycle racks.
  • All you have to do yourself, is place the bicycle racks in the right location.
  • Attention: if you want to place a temporary bicycle rack on public domain, you also need to make a request to the police.

Always keep in mind that the stock is limited and we can't automatically agree to every request. The request is done through this form, but you can also contact us directly.