Bicycle repair at bike points

Welcome to one of our bike points. 

In our bike points we do minor and medium-sized repair: replacing a flat tire, adjusting a derailleur, adjusting bike breaks, replacing a bicycle's brake cable, tightening a bike chain, ... 

Check the locations and opening hours of our bike points.

We do not repair by appointment. Go to our bike points during our long opening hours and leave your bike in the skilled hands of our bike technicians.

As soon as your bicycle is repaired, you'll receive a text message. Pick up your bicycle within 3 working days and avoid extra costs.

Good to know: during your bicycle repair you can rent a replacement bicycle for a cheap price (on condition we have enough replacement bicyles available). 

Have your own bike repaired?

At bike point Kattenberg we only repair rented bicycles from De Fietsambassade. If you have your own bicycle, please go to one of the other three bike points. Check the location of bike point Dampoortbike point Gent Sint-Pieters and bike point Centrum

Do you have a rented bike from De Fietsambassade?

Do you rent a bicycle from De Fietsambassade? Maintenance (normal wear and tear) of a rental bicycle is free. For repair which is the cause of not-normal wear and tear, you have to pay. More information about rental bicycles for students.

You rent a student bicycle and you want to have your bicycle picked up for repair? The pick-upservice costs 15 euro. This is without the repair cost. Fill in this form and we contact you to make an appointment.

De Fietsambassade is a social economy enterprise. At each bike point we coach people in order to help them integrate in the regular labour market.