Welcome to De Fietsambassade

De Fietsambassade Gent loves people who ride their bicycle, especially in Ghent. 
Go to De Fietsambassade for bicycle rental, bicycle repair, bicycle parking, innovation and bicycle culture. 

De Fietsambassade Gent vzw is an external independent agency of the City of Ghent, also founded by Ghents higher education institutes: Ghent University, Artelvelde University College, LUCA, KU Leuven, Odisee and HoGent.

The agency stimulates and facilitates the use of the bicycle as a sustainable mode of transport in Ghent through a recognizable, qualitative, innovative and a highly accessible service line.

This way she promotes the switch to a better and more sustainable mobility in Ghent and enlarges Ghent as the leading bicycle city in Europe. To reach this goal De Fietsambassade works together with all concerned parties and with a maximum commitment of social employment.