Buy a second-hand bike

Bicycles that are left on the public domain in Ghent are collected and stored in the Bike Depot. If the owner doesn't pick up the bike, we, together with you, give them a new chance so that they don't end up on the waste mountain.

Buy a second-hand bicycle?

  • We rebuild the orphan bicycles so that they are ready to go on the road.
  • The range and prices vary starting from € 150 for a regular city bicycle (depending on the type)
  • Stop by the Bike Depot to see and test the bikes available. Be sure to check the opening hours beforehand.
  • You get 1-year guarantee.


Discover the range

Check here which bicycles are currently for sale and how much they cost.

! Please note: we update this album once a day around 12 noon. It is therefore possible that a bicycle is still in the album but has just been sold.

For more information, please contact the Bike Depot.