Prices & rental agreement

Rent a bicycle in Ghent - price, terms & conditions

  • Maintenance of a rented bicycle is included in the cost. This is a check-up of and adjustment of the 6 curcial bike parts (gear system, tires, nuts and bolts, head tube, chain, lighting) and this in case of normal wear and tear or normal use of the bicycle.
  • Repairs, if the result of damage or improper use of the bicycle, is not included in the rental price. For repairs we charge the working hours and the cost of the parts.
  • We also charge a transport cost for on-site repairs (only for companies).
 1 day1 week1 month1 year
City bike€ 14€ 36€ 55€ 250
E-bike€ 28€ 80€ 140€ 990
Cargo bike€ 28€ 80€ 160/
Electric cargo bike€ 36€ 100€ 275/
Longtail€ 24€ 74€ 142/
Electric longtail€ 36€ 110€ 320 

Breakdown assistance

Breakdown with your rented bike?* Depannage Lybaert will help you 24/7 for free. Call +32 9 228 76 54 and tell them that you are having an issue with a bicycle from De Fietsambassade. An employee will pick up your bicycle and take you to the nearest bus, tram or train station.

* Valid for all bicycles except non-electric city bikes, student bicycles and children's bicycles.

What is the rental agreement?

Read our rental agreement in the below document. 

What if my rented bicycle is stolen?

Find all prices for theft insurance depending on the type of bicycle and duration below. Discover more about how the theft insurance and what to do when your rented bicycle is stolen here.

What happens if I bring my bicycle back too late?

If you do not return you bicycle in time after the rental period has ended, we charge an additional fee of € 20 per starting week that you're late. The rental costs also continue to be added. If you're over 30 days late, we create a file with the bailiff and you will be charged an additional € 85. 

Other costs

  • Adding a key: € 15
  • Breaking a lock on location:: € 30
  • Breaking a lock at a Bike point: € 20
  • Delivering a bicycle at your location: € 3 per km (minimum flat fee of € 30)