Orphan bikes get a second life

To reduce the waste mountain, we get to work with orphan bikes. After a quality check, parts are offered to Ghent bicycle repair shops and used in our Bike Points.

Orphan bikes are often left lonely in the Bike Depot after being rescued from the streets. If the owner does not come to collect the bike, we give them another chance so they don't end up on the rubbish heap.

Repair with second-hand parts

The parts of the orphan bikes are offered for sale to Ghent bike repair shops after a quality check. These are mainly parts that can be used for a long time such as wheels, saddles or hub gears.

But we are also using second-hand parts in our Bike Points. You can choose to have your bike repaired with parts that are around 40% cheaper.


tweedehands onderdelen

Buy a second-hand bike

We use also second-hand parts to build completely new bikes. Those bikes are sold with a one-year warranty at the Bike Depot. Find out how to buy such a bike here.

Social employment

For this project also, we put maximum effort into social employment. The abandoned bikes are taken care of by people with a distance from the labour market. They got a training as bicycle repairers, a bottleneck profession, and build up experience to move on to a job in the regular labout market.


Last modified
Thu 18 May 2023