Bicycle lockers & neighborhood bicycle parkings

Neighborhood bicycle parkings

The number of cyclists in Ghent increases every year. This has a positive effect on the mobility in the city, but also means that more and more bicycles are parked on public domain. Not all sidewalks in Ghent are wide enough to park bicycles without hindering the passage of buggies or wheelchairs. A bicycle that's parked on the street, can also get stolen more easily. And yet, it isn't always practical or possible to park your bicycle inside your house. Many houses don't have room for this.

That's why the Mobility Services of the City of Ghent are always looking for new ways for parking a bicycle comfortably and safely. One of the possible solutions are the neighborhood bicycle parkings. There is one in the neigborhood 'Brugse Poort' (10 bicycle places), next to the Luizengevecht park. A second one is located at Karperstraat 2 (22 places, of which 3 places for e-bikes and 2 voor narrow cargo bikes). Neighbors can rent a parking space (65 euro a year and a maximum of 2 spaces per address) if they meet the following conditions:

  • being domiciled in Ghent;
  • living in a residence that is only accesible from the street through the front door, not through a side door or back door.
  • not having a garage or a storage space for the bicycle on public domain.
  • not having a second citizen parking permit for a car (unless it's handed in before renting a bicycle parking space).

Contact for more info or to reserve your spot.

Bicycle lockers

After conducting a pilot project in 2010, the city of Ghent decided to place bicycle lockers on 20 locations. Bicycle lockers are covered and lockable bicycle parking spaces on public domain.

The bicycle lockers are being managed by De Fietsambassade Gent and are located in the Denderlaan (2 lockers), Doorgangstraat, Makelaarsstraat, Bijlokevest, Blekerijstraat, Auguste Van Ooststraat, Gebroeders De Smetstraat, Reinaertstraat, Johannes Hartmannlaan, Jan Verspeyenstraat, Meersstraat, Robert Rinskopflaan, Drapierstraat, Nekkersputstraat, Reginald Warnefordstraat, Kruisboogstraat, Bassijnstraat, Drietorekensstraat and Centrumlaan.

Contact for more info or to reserve your spot.