Options for people with special needs

Is a 'standard' bicycle not practical for you? No problem, we offer a selection of bicycles that are easy to use for people with a disability or special needs. This way people with mobility problems can also enjoy a bike ride with a special bicycle.

Our selection


Inspired by the Indian rickshaw, a cyclist can transport two passengers with this bicycle.

Do you prefer a rickshaw with driver? That's possible as well, reserve your ride with our bike taxi service.


A tricycle offers a stable and low sitting position. This way you are safe and enjoy optimal comfort. This tricycle offers less pressure on the back, shoulders, neck and wrists compared to a regular bicycle.


A tandem bicycle is ideal to enjoy a bike ride together. A companion can sit in the front which makes it a safe and comfortable way to ride a bicycle for people who find that difficult on their own.

Parent-child bicycle

Just like the tandem, this parent-child bicycle is handy to go cycling with a companion.


You can borrow a wheelchair for free.



Bike taxi 

The bike taxi service of The Fietsambassade in Ghent is aimed at people with reduced mobility.

The bike taxi focuses on short door-to-door trips. We provide this service with a rickshaw or a wheelchair bike. Do you have an appointment with your hairdresser, are you going to visit your family or do you just want to take a breath of fresh air, but it is difficult for you to move independently? Our bike taxi will be happy to take you there!

To get more information or to book your ride, click here. 



You can also try these organizations

Does our selection not include what you're looking for? Don't worry, there are other organizations you can count on:

  • Buitenspel from Sint-Gregorius: for advice and rent of special bicycles. More information.
  • G-Sport Vlaanderen: you can find an overview here of all special bicycles in Flanders. More information.
  • Fietsadviescentrum UZ Leuven: for advice regarding the purchase of a special bicycle. More information.
  • Vlaams Agentschap voor Personen met een Handicap: here you can find an overview of special bicycles and bicycle parts in Flanders. More information.
  • Inclusief Buitengewoon: overview of organizations that offer special bicycles. More information.