More and clearer parking spaces for outsized bicycles

New parking spaces for outsized bicycles are appearing in eight places in Ghent. These spaces are intended for bicycles that are larger than ordinary city bikes such as cargo bikes, tricycles, parent-child bikes... The parking bays will stay until at least September 2023.

In Voldersstraat, on Koophandelsplein, at Ghent Zuid, under library De Krook, on Oude Beestenmarkt, on Sint-Elisabethplein, on Fonteinplein and on Kerkplein Gentbregge, orange-coloured parking spaces for outsized bicycles are appearing. With these parking bays, 'De Fietsambassade' wants to offer a solution for cyclists who find it harder to find a spot in the regular bike racks.


"With this experiment, we are testing two things. On the one hand, we provide space for outsized bicycles so that they can be parked safely and comfortably. On the other hand, marking and signposting should ensure that ordinary bikes are not parked there." - Stijn Lewyllie, coordinator at 'De Fietsambassade'


For these parking spaces, neither bicycle spaces nor car parking spaces will disappear. They remain at least until September. After that, the experiment will be evaluated and continued or not.

Last modified
Thu 18 May 2023