More spaces in revitalized bike park in Graslei

The bike park under St. Michael's Bridge has been revitalized. Bikes can now park for longer, and there are twelve spaces for oversized bikes. For a trial period, twenty free lockers have been installed and anyone can get a bike repair ‘on demand'.

After the revamp, we can all park our bikes in the Graslei bike park under St. Michael's Bridge again. We gave the park a new lick of paint, spruced up the signs and improved the lighting. Our team replaced the bike racks with newer models, to which the bikes can be anchored. The park now has 209 spaces for regular bikes and 14 for oversized bikes. Bikes can now be parked for 72 hours instead of 48, and, lastly, the public restrooms have been brightened up.

Last modified
Thu 23 Nov 2023