7 tips to prevent bicycle theft

  • Have your bicycle marked. This is free and barely takes any time. If a marked bicycle is retrieved, we automatically contact its owner.
  • Park your bicycle as much as possible indoors.
  • Use a good bicycle lock. Don't choose the cheapest solution. It's important to not only invest in the bicycle itself, but to also buy a lock that can't be cut with a simple forceps. You can find more information on this (in Dutch) at de Fietsersbond.
  • Always lock your bicycle and attach it to something.
  • Attach both your frame and your front wheel to something. Just attaching the front wheel isn't sufficient, because a thief can easily detach the front wheel.
  • Attach the lock as high as possible to your bicycle. A thief can easily cut through a lock with one arm of the forceps on the ground.
  • A cheap bicycle, but with lots of accessories, like a child's seat, can be very appealing to thieves. Stolen children's seats can more quickly be sold through the internet than a complete stolen bicycle. Attach those accessories well.