Ride Ghent Inside Out

Ghent and cycling is like cheese on pasta. It makes everything just a little better. So discover Ghent Inside Out in 53 km cycling fun. 


The route

The route turns Ghent inside out with the nicest cycling paths by rivers and ponds, laced with fun facts. Enjoy the beautiful view and become wiser in this voyage of discovery throughout Ghent. 

Of course we wouldn't just send you cycling at random. We've created some landmarks for you. Discover fun facts on the road and enjoy the beautiful view!

Ready to hit the road? The easiest way to cicyle is with the digital version of the route.
Or click here for the navigation of the short version of the route, without ferries that are only available during a part of the year (- 2 km). 

Rent a bicycle

Cycling is fun, especially if you see our wide range of bicycles to rent. For each his own. With or without kids, electric, cozy with two on a tandem or cargo bicycle, you name it. Discover your ideal bicycle.

Drop by, choose your bicycle and let's get cycling! It's as simple as that. Take your friends, kids or picnic basket and enjout Ghent.

Of course you can also ride the route with your own bicycle. Bring it to one of our Bike Points and we'll make sure it's ready for a ride. As soon as your bicycle is repaired, you get a text message. In the meanwhile you can rent a replacement bicycle for just 10 euros per day.


Even more bicycle routes

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Last modified
Mon 12 Sep 2022