Theft insurance for your rented bicycle

What if your bicycle is stolen?

  1. File a report with the local police within 5 work days
  2. and go to the Bike point of De Fietsambassade where you rented the bicycle. Take your report certificate and keys with you.
diagram that shows how much you need to pay in case of theft

If your bicycle is found during the duration of rental agreement or no later than 6 months after the end of the rental agreement, the paid exemption or value fee will be payed back. Possible repair costs will be paid by the renter.

Check the diagram to see what costs you have to pay. Verify the exact cost here.

What if a bicycle part is stolen?

Part of an e-bike for students

Vertain parts are included in the theft insurance, others are not. For those you pay a certain amount if they are stolen or lost. 

  • Battery: € 549
  • Charger: € 78,99
  • Connection piece charger: € 29,99
  • Display: € 150
  • Front wheel with motor: € 180
  • Controller: € 60

Tip: take out theft insurance with your rented bicycle. This way you are protected in case your bicycle is stolen.

Theft insurance rates

Check all rates in the file here.

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