Reserve your student bike or extend your contract

Hey student of Ghent, you'll get there!

As the Ghentians say: “ge gaat er wel geraken.” You’ll get there. At your date, at the end of your school year and at all the hidden gems in beautiful Ghent.

Rent your student bike at De Fietsambassade and we'll make sure you get where you need to be. Withous stress, since we also take care of the maintenance.

Only the studying. That you'll have to do yourself.

Rent your bike for the following school year now, at very low prices. Or extend your contract by logging in here and going to "my contracts".

And good luck this year! 



Reserve your bike



Months 3 6 10 12
Bike without gears € 40 € 45 € 55 € 65
Bike with gears € 50 € 55 € 65 € 75

Warranty: € 80
Extra month (one-time only): € 5

This offer is only available for students of Universiteit Gent, Hogeschool Gent, Artevelde Hogeschool, KU Leuven and Luca School of Arts. 

How does it work?

How to reserve and pay?

Where to go for maintenance and repair of your bike?

What if you bike is stolen?

Stolen bike? Report it to the police as soon as possible. Tip: take a theft insurance and limit the risk.

Do you want to check your rental contract?

After making your reservation, you received a confirmation e-mail. If you did not receive anything, be sure to contact

More information?

Take a look on the reservation website or contact


Reserve your bike



Note: we renew our offer of bicycles regularly. That is why you could possibly get another model or colour of bike than shown above. It is not possible for you to choose your own model or colour. 


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