A tricycle offers a stable and low sitting position. This way you are safe and enjoy optimal comfort. This tricycle offers less pressure on the back, shoulders, neck and wrists compared to a regular bicycle.

  • Electric pedal assistance 
  • Comfortable seat with back support
  • Luggage rack
  • Brand: Vanraam
  • A short explanation about how to use this tricycle will be provided when picking it up
  • Trouble on the road with this bicycle? Touring will help you for free.



If you would like to be sure that we have your bicycle available, fill in our reservation form at least 2 work days in advance and pick up your bicycle during opening hours at Bike Point Kattenberg. Do you already need the bicycle earlier? Call us at 09 266 77 00 and we can look at the possibilities.



1 day: € 26  |   1 week: € 76   |   1 month: € 150

>> Download our price list.

Tip: also get theft insurance: < 1 month: € 15  l   1-9 months: € 25   l   12 months: € 35