The cycling coach

What does the cycling coach do?


Cycling is not easy for everyone. However, a bicycle can make a big difference to find a job, finding your right way to healthcare or to enjoy leisure activities. Cycling coach Leen guides you through the offer and gives advice on:

Contact the cycling coach

Would you like more information or do you have questions for cycling coach Leen? You can email or call her, also on WhatsApp.

Other organisations that can help you

The cycling coach is at your service but there are many other organisations where you can go.
(pages only available in Dutch)

'Met de fiets in Gent'
This Ghent City webpage gives you information about cycling routes and how to rent or share a bike

'Op Wielekes'
At 'Op Wielekes' you can borrow children's bikes adapted to the size of your child through annual membership fees. When the bike becomes too small, you can exchange it for a larger size.

At 'De Fietskeuken', you get free help to repair your bike. Tools are available but you cannot buy parts there.

'Repair Café'
At a 'Repair Café', volunteer repairers help repair all kinds of items such as clothes, electrical appliances, furniture as well as bicycles.

Map for cyclists - 'Cyclofix'
This map shows bike shops, bike repair points, the bike libraries from 'Op Wielekes', public bike pumps and bike parking facilities.

OCMW Ghent
Do you want to buy a bike, bike seat, bike lock or helmet or do you want to repair your bike but is it hard to pay? Then OCMW Ghent can sometimes help. Ask more information at OCMW.