Throwback: Ghent Festivities 2023 cycling

Manned bike parkings

     35 000 bikes

Especially for the Ghent Festivities, we created 2 large, manned bike parkings: Sint-Michiels and Sint-Lievens. Throughout the festival period, 35 000 bicycles were parked there. On one of the busiest nights, even a small 5 500 were counted.

" I saw the signs for the bike parking while cycling towards the city centre. Meanwhile, it is already the second time I have parked my bike here. I am happy to leave my bike here safely." - Jeftha in bike parking Sint-Lievens.

     20 stewards

No fewer than 20 fantastic stewards watched over the bikes and helped everything run smoothly.

     Spread the word!

Remarkable how quickly the existence of the manned veloparkings spread from word-of- mouth! We regularly heard that people who parked their bikes had been tipped off by friends and family. This too proves that people are happy with these facilities!

     0 stolen bikes

Last but not least, not a single bike was stolen in the manned bike parkings! 

Deploying this type of bike parking at big events thus proves it added value.

2000 extra parking spaces in the city centre

In the rest of the city centre, we provided more than 2 000 extra bike parking spaces, on top of those available all year round.

94 trips with the Bike Taxi

Our bike taxi service for less mobile people ha not been idle either! The extra evening ride were popular and no fewer than 94 rides were made during the Ghent Festivities.

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Thu 18 May 2023